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Some 34 years ago in a St. Louis snow covered traffic jam, I decided to move to Florida for it's warmer weather and beautiful sunsets.  All of my family still lives in St. Louis so I do love to go back for a VISIT.  Growing up in St. Louis working for my Grandfather in a family owned restaurant taught me the do's and don'ts of running a business.  Hard work, ethics and standing up for what I believe in an never going back on my word.  I've applied the same work ethics as a Real Estate Professional. 

 I love working with people and running my own business, VanBeek Realty, LLC.  Real Estate has given me the freedom to have flexible hours and yet still be able to handle the challenges of motherhood, as well as starting our own construction company, VanBeek Enterprises, LLC, as my husband is a Licensed Residential Contractor.  My husband and my son are both licensed Realtors and work with me as well.  Since my move in 1990 I have been blessed with the most understanding husband and two happy (most of the time) and healthy children.  Gainesville is my home now and I am truly committed to helping you achieve your home buying and selling goals.  I hope you will consider me when making your move and remember:

                                 "Whether it's
                               buying or selling
                          a  home that you seek,
                           remember the name

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